Thank you for helping with the Shoe Aid Project

Hello Thorsten,

How are you doing?
Hope all is fine with you overthere! I travelled to Cameroon where find myself presently for some projects and in some areas,
the internet connectivitity is not the best!

I am very happy that you want to partner with us following the plans and engagement activities which we
planned for the future while we were in Grossolbersdorf.
We wish to thank Feelmax heartily for the big donation of shoes which they handed to the Shoe Aid Project in Grossolbersdorf and we
hope they can as well supported us in the future in realation to other events.

We are organising a big event in Berlin on the 22nd August 2010 called „Barfuss fur Afrika“ and we shall need sponsors and
supporters and we intend to welcome Feelmax to the event!

All the best Bobga & Team

Feelmax und Shoe Aid Project Team

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